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The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class reaches new levels in terms of intelligence and overall driving experience. The car is equipped with a number of comfort and safety innovations including:
  • Rear-axle steering – reduces the S-Class’s turning radius by 7 feet, making it as maneuverable as a compact car
  • PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side – The body of the new S-Class can be slightly raised just before the collision when it senses an impending side impact, reducing stress on door structures.
  • Parking package with 360° camera -- Four individual camera images are combined into a three-dimensional image of the vehicle's surroundings.
  • Rear airbag (available with the Executive Rear Seat Package) -- The airbag enhances the restraining effect of the belt system, and can support the head and neck to decrease the loads on them significantly.
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